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Graham Foundation – Grants for Individuals for production and presentation, or for research and development of projects related to architecture or the designed environment, including publications, exhibitions, installations, films, and new media projects (up to $20k/ 2 yrs)

Jacobs Foundation – Research Fellowships for early and mid-career researchers dedicated to improving the development, learning, and living conditions of children and youth globally ($165k/ 3 yrs)

Retirement Research Foundation (LOI due) – Funds research that seeks to identify interventions, policies and practices to improve the well-being of older adults and/or their caregivers. (No specific amt – past grants between $100K-$200K for 1-2yrs)

Russell Sage Foundation – Research Grants for social scientists working in designated thematic areas on social and living conditions in the United States (up to $50k or $175k/ 2 yrs)