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Proposal Basics and Submission Steps

Proposal Submission Steps:

  1. Try to notify research administrators of your plans to submit at least a month in advance.
  2. Work with the research administrator on budget, budget justification, subcontract documents, and other documents where assistance is required.
  3. Per Sponsored Research (SR) office guidelines, we aim to route the proposal with final administrative items and draft science 5 working days ahead of the deadline for internal approvals and SR office review.
  4. The SR office asks that we upload final science and route the proposal for a final review 2 business days in advance of the deadline.

Proposal Basic Requirements Needed to Route to the Sponsored Research Office:

  1. Abstract/Project Summary/Statement of Work
  2. Detailed Budget
  3. Budget Justification Narrative
  4. Solicitation
  5. Subcontract final documents (if applicable)
  6. Consultant letters and letters of support (if applicable)
  7. PI eligibility approval (if applicable)
  8. F&A Waiver approval (if applicable)