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School of Communication Humanities PhD Travel and Research Grants

These grants support the research and professional development of students in three of the SoC-TGS humanities programs. Doctoral students in years 1–6 in the Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama (IPTD), Performance Studies, and Screen Cultures programs are eligible to apply for the grants. Humanities students in the Communication Studies PhD program (Rhetoric and Public Culture) are eligible for travel and research funding from their department; these students should contact their Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for information.

Please read the grant guidelines before beginning your application:

For technical questions about the application form, please contact SoC IT at For other questions, please contact your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS):

  • Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama (Susan Manning)
  • Performance Studies (Marcela Fuentes)
  • Screen Cultures (Lynn Spigel)


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